Thursday, February 23, 2012

Second last day at work

Hey Chia!

It's been a while!

Today is my second last day at my current firm. I woke up this morning feeling... Well I am unsure of what I was feeling. However, there was the refreshing thought of 'Hrm... Should I go for a run today? Or should I not?'

I was quite happy that I wasn't stressing about what I needed to do at work.

After looking through Instagram (ps thanks for blogging about it, because now I am positively hooked!) I decided to run. The past few months have been good, but now with the sun rising later, it's getting quite dark out there, and there are no lights where I run!

I find that when running in the morning these days, I get this little burst of fear of the dark that pops in my chest (I start getting anxious about every jaded shadow or silhouette). I am always pleasantly surprised to see other early risers on my path. It makes me feel like I am not alone, and that nothing had will happen.

For some reason when I am half asleep, I start believing in thing that I don't normally believe in. My head knows its not possible, however, my fear and emotions do the opposite. For an example, this morning as I ran down what my Dad calls 'appetite hill' I saw the errie sillhuettes of the bushes in the sand dunes all around me and the windy path that stretched out in front of me, and for some reason, I started freaking out that just around the corner, some random evil creature (let's say the devil) would be standing there waiting for me.

Geez. I'm getting the willies just remembering! But lucky for me, I saw a nice couple walking their dog in the distance, and all that fear went away. Haha. Silly feelings!

After my run, I got ready and drove to Kev's place. I was able to find two happy things there! First one was this:

It was a bush outside Kev's place, next to where I usually park my car. I've never taken any notice of it previously. However, since I have wanted to try and notice the happy small things life more, I naturally had my 'happy-small-things-in-life' goggles on. The bush looks like every other bush, but this flower caught my eye! :)

The second thing I saw, was also pointed out by Kev:

It has been hazy in Perth because of some fires. Nevertheless, this clouds and haze made this shot possible!

Now I am at work... Enjoying my second last day here. Four years have passed. Can you believe it?!

P.S I blogged off my iphone just then. I think the application is finally working!  :)

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