Sunday, February 5, 2012

The men in London

Hi Anna!

Sounds like you had a wondeful CNY! Unfortunately mines wasn't that festive and on the actual day I totally forgot about it until I was at the checkout in the supermarket and the checkout lady wished me Happy New Year. I was thinking, jee it's a bit late for that, and then it clicked that she meant the Chinese New Year! Oh dear :/ I didn't do anything at all, no ang paos no nothing :( but I invited Lauren over later on the week and I made some sort of stirfry from a jar :(

On top of that, I couldn't figure out why there were helium hearts on a stick while I was waiting in queue in Tesco (it's like a supermarket chain) until I got home and realised that it's St Valentine's Day coming up! Oh dear! Well bad news is that I haven't got anyone to celebrate it with. Besides it's just commercial garbage right? (So I tell myself. I hope that it doesn't become a tradition, it's my 3rd year running for being single this time of the year)  Good news is on that day, Lauren and I will be leaving Amman, Jordan and spending half they day swimming in the Dead Sea and making our way to Petra.

Anyway I was telling Lauren last night about my internet dating adventures. I'm always thinking of ideas for writing a book. Mainly ideas for children's books but then I thought maybe I could start with blogging about the random men that I meet up with over coffee/ drinks. I'm sure there's probably millions of books written about it out there.

My latest would be last Wednesday night. It was too cold to venture out and he agreed to meet at the tube station near my place. This guy is 36. Lives in Mayfair. Banking for 12 years. Runs his own business. Owns various property around London and in Spain... are your ears making the $$$ che-ching noises? Well mines were when I found all this out. Anyway, I don't know about you but people grow on me. I can't really connect with someone straight away. I have this thing where I'll meet them and I don't really do a follow up. They'll have to be the ones that contact me and then I'll agree on a second date if I have nothing much to d. It definitely takes more than just one date to decide though. I haven't heard from him since so perhaps he's not interested. Although he did say that he would teach me how to make an awesome dahl. If I don't meet anyone special in the long run, at least let me say that the one thing I got out of it is learning how to make dahl! haha! Will keep you posted.

 This week is stressful re work. Actually, let's not talk about it. I can't wait until Tuesday night when the stress is all over. It's noon and I might go outside and take some pictures and wander through the shops but I'm going to be taking it easy since I'm still recovering from my week long cold.

Random pics from shopping two weekends ago.

A dress that I got from Forever21 yet to be worn
These leopard print  heels are yet to be worn too! Ignore veiny feet
I'm suppose to go out and look for a cabin size suitcase today but because of the snow, I've decided to not bother and to use this foldaway XL Longchamp bag that was a present from HW! She has inspired me to travel light You'd think by now I'd figure there is no better way.  I just can't help myself packing everything and anything for every single situation. This will be an exciting challenge!

I'm liking the instagram app on the iphone! Outside my bedroom window on a snowy Sunday morning
 Miss you! Send some sunshine this way would be nice :P The cold has made me feel like a pudgy little mole burrowed away deep down underground.

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