Friday, January 17, 2014


Hi Anna!

Your life is one big snowball of adventure! I loved reading about Iceland on your other blog. I never would've thought Iceland had so much to offer.

Well I've been so busy settling back in good old Perth and living in my own tiny air space.

During this month I've become well acquainted with Ikea and Bunnings and even a bit of a handyman and DIY-er. I've also been cleaning and scrubbing the place obsessively trying to disguise the age of the place. It's slowly coming nicely.

This year I've got a list of things I want to achieve. Last year I barely got any of them ticked off because I was living in the country. I'm pleased that I can now tick off having a large aquarium. It's always been on the back of my mind and moving back and forth just doesn't allow the up keep of fish. I've finally done it! I'm just waiting for the water to cycle and perhaps on Sunday I'll introduce a few fishy creatures.

The earlier days of January were spent:

- being 10 again and constructing with Lego
- unpacking and repacking
- going to the beach and having my first dip in the ocean for summer
- walks and picnics in Kings Park
- preparing a mini tapas meal with friends

I am loving the warm and sunny days here but I wouldn't mind being teleported to be in the wilderness with you!

Happy travels :)

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