Saturday, November 23, 2013

Tiny teddies and my first Christmas card for the year

Well here I am on a Saturday night, too tired to do anything. Not that there is much to do in Narrogin. I've spent the day doing reports and it's going to be the same thing tomorrow.

My mind keeps wandering to other things like when I'll get to dip into the ocean.

It was hot today and so I had an ice cream topped with Tiny Tedies. Half coated in chocolate of course. Felt a little silly but it was yum. Did you know I was once addicted to Tiny Teddies?

My eating habits are going downhill. I haven't bothered to cook properly for a while. Tinned tuna is my very convenient source of protein and is a staple paired with vitawheat or corn thins.

Gosh life is sounding a little dull when there's no travels in the horizon. I'm eagerly waiting to hear your travels as usual. I'm going to start wishing you wifi everyday. I know you should really be enjoying and immersing yourself in your surroundings, but I'm selfish :))

Well Christmas and a few important birthdays are just around the corner ;)

Bless this child in my class. Gave me my first Christmas card. I've noticed that whenever a kid writes something personal for me, I have to refrain from becoming a spelling Nazi and focus on the message instead. It's a sweet one especially from this particular child. However it bugs me it's not 'you're'. Haha!

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