Sunday, November 18, 2012

Happy taste buds

Hi Anna :D

Look at you, little water baby!  Your last post had me a bit worried though. Definitely don't want you drifting and getting yourself scratched from the reefs. Robinson Crusoe washed ashore came to mind. However all these snorkeling posts are making me want to go exploring with you. Because you live a bit further away and I don't know your area well it'll feel like I'm going on an extra mini holiday.

I had a great week that went quickly. I've been indulging too much this week trying new things that is food related and not enough exercising. That's alright, makes up for next week which will be a rather quiet one and hopefully get the chance to be a bit more active.

I think the calender on the iphone is deteriorating my memory. I actually struggled to recall what I did a few days ago and also what is coming up. What helps is going through the photos on the phone. What is annoying though is that I can't rotate pictures on blogger. I think it has something to do with photos taken on iphone too. I always feel like it's takes ages for me to blog because of these little annoyances.  I wasn't going to put up the right side up ones but I had already uploaded them and it annoyed me that I wasted my time.

 Thursday night at Tong 86 with the old PCEC crew. Loved it and loved Icey Ice even more! Haha! Gosh it's been ages since I had Korean BBQ and the second time I've had this amazing dessert.

I loved how half of us came in exercise gear. That is the way to do it!

Friday was after work drinks at The Aviary to celebrate an early birthday for Alicia.
We were  impressed with their small serving plates. We had the salt and pepper squid and I was amazed at the taste of the little red peppercorns. We also had the bourbon pork (I think?!) and the wonton and truffle dip.
Why this photo can be rotated is beyond me.

 Saturday was a big day for Jen's hens. We had delectable sweets and savouries and carried on to drinks at Print Hall and dancing at Tiger Lils. We had too much fun getting random guys to get all but three sweets off Jen's sash.

Stretching out the no-clothes-shopping I've put on myself,  I wore this yellow dress hauled back from London and my fabulous necklace thanks to HW. I have labelled it my Olympics necklace because that was when it made it's debut at the men's hockey games. There was a request to wear a hairpiece for the hens and I thought about making one out of felt again, but my brains sparked when I was parking into the garage in the morning and noticed the roses in the front garden. Closer to the afternoon tea, I popped out  to snip  two roses and a tiny bud for my floral hairpiece. It was a hot 33C day and of course the roses wilted by the end of the day but hey it was free and smelt lovely.

The better angle of me

Cute little bites. The lemon tarts had the perfect sweet citrus combination. They are the ones with the meringue on top.  Having the scones reminded me of high tea in London.

Known these ladies since we were kids! Still can't believe Jen's getting hitched. She's the role model child that all parents compare their child to. Little did they know...

With the bridesmaid at the ladies in Print Hall. Big mirrors = perfect for selfies

Today I had a scrumptious brunch at The Cool Room in Freo. Out of all the brunch places I've been to since coming back, this is definitely a place I'm coming back to.

Finally caught up with uni buddies for brunch
Turkish toast, smoked salmon and mushrooms. The Turkish toast was delicious! I need to know how to make it.
Looking so sleepy. Argh.. can't do these late nights on Sat anymore.
Next door was an antique store. Only managed to have a quick look to avoid having Satoko and Elaine waiting for me. I could've spent a good hour trawling through all the items. Love my secondhand items!

 Not so modern now but  I love old hardcover children's books!
I'm getting back into my arts and crafts again. Haven't done any drawing but I'm getting into a new project. Getting ready to make something. I'll reveal it to you once it's finished :)

Can you see something from you?

Time to get ready for a new week. The kids are going on an excursion to the Fremantle's Maritime Museum on Tuesday which I am looking forward to because I've never been there before.

Night :)

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