Sunday, November 11, 2012

From the sea to the kitchen

Hi Anna!

How I wish I could go on that snorkeling adventure with you! I love the water and I am so jealous that you get to live near the beach. If only I could have a little beach cottage right by the coast. Apart from swimming, there would be endless fun poking into rock pools and wildlife spotting. Poor lizard! That photo was a bit scary. As for the abalone's eyes, I couldn't find them. I know how much us Chinese love abalone but they aren't the prettiest things although they beat the looks of sea cucumbers.

Anyway of course I know I only saw you yesterday, but of course there are things to tell since it's been a while. Also, I'd rather much be blogging than doing job applications right now. Something that I've been putting off for a couple of weeks since I started full time work as an education assistant at a primary school nearby. The world has a lot to cheer about because this means that I am a step closer to scoring a teaching job somewhere... well I like to think so anyway. I'm enjoying my work and the primary school is really a place of wonder. Explained later.

On Friday night, I met up with Emily and Alicia. That was really lovely and we had mini drinks to celebrate my employment. We will have to do another celebration when I get my own class.
Here's us yesterday.  The two girls lying on a picnic mat that shifted to and from awkward spots in the shade in Kings Park. Can always count on Anna to be my psuedo-bf.

Holey moley. You know it's summer when a fly photo bombs and there is no food in sight.
A couple of Sundays ago I went along to Fremantle Seafood Festival. How disappointing! I  expected lots of little tasting booths and stalls selling seafood kebabs or instant clam chowder in a tin or something mind blowing but really there was a tiny stage for cooking demonstration and a fudge stall. I like fudge, but what on earth does fudge have to do with seafood? We ended up going to Kailis to make up for it and had an afternoon of eating and drinking away. It turned out to be such a relaxing way to spend the day.

So many things to love in Perth!

Sea related things you can eat
Sea related things you can not eat.
 Now this primary school I'm talking about. The Year 5s were treated to a fancy lunch last Friday. I love how they have a common oven and kitchen and I helped with the baking. It was cute how they had little newspaper cones with their fish and chips complete with ketchup and tartar sauce.
My serving. How lucky are the children? They have an awesome science budget with the help of fundraising and the spuds and parsley came from the school's garden.
 I've been baking too. I'm getting really good at making my own recipes. I had a great day picking a whole ice cream tub of mulberries off a friend's mulberry tree and using them in my invented recipe.
Mulberry and sour cream wholemeal muffins. 
 I invented these too! Real mint and peanut chocolate cookies.
I had to give these away because I made too many and too rich and loaded with calories to be enjoyed by one. 
 On the healthier side, I made muesli bars. Uncle Toby's muesli bars have nothing on these tasty and healthy version.
Shredded coconut, sultanas/cranberries, black sesame seeds, pumpkin/ sunflower seeds, flax seeds, rolled oats, rye, egg, dash of brown sugar/honey, dash of evoo, sprinkling of salt all in one bowl. Mix it up. Pat it down. Oven for 15 minutes at about 170C or when it looks brown. Cut it up before it cools. Easiest and healthiest thing you'll ever make! Best thing I love is that you can throw in anything in it and substitute the grains/seeds/ dried fruits for anything you like.
 My creations did not stop there. I also made this! I had to resort to making something for the Melbourne Cup lunch at school after a unsuccessful hunt in Garden City. Really, I can not justify $200 for a bit of feather and fluff. That is like a weekend away I could have ticking off another city in Spain! 

Bit of thread, one piece of felt, and a black hairband. Fold a rectangular piece of felt like a concertina , pinch it in the middle and thread through to hold.
That reminds me, something amazing has happened to me, or rather is happening to me. I have not bought a single item of clothing/bag/shoes since I've been back. It's been almost 3 months. I've been working with the clothes I've had three years ago and also wearing the items from London to death.  Of course London shopping is beyond Perth and I calculate cost of items in terms of a weekend trip away. Must realise that I'm in Perth and $200 is not a weekend away in Europe anymore :(

Now time for those cover letters...

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