Thursday, July 11, 2013

Finish This Book (FTB)

Heya Chia!

Happy birthday for yesterday!

I am so glad you liked your present! I love the dinosaur! I had looked around my place to find something that I could put in there, but had nothing. I even considered getting you a kinder surprise in hopes that when you open it, something cool would be in there, small enough to fit in your terrarium.  The T-Rex definitely fits! It looks like it's raging and hunting for food!

Me, I've been chilling at home and working on my creativity. As you would know, one of the presents I got you was a copy of the mysterious and intriguing book called "Finish This Book" by Keri Smith. I too have a copy, and have started my missions.  For all those who are wondering what the hell I am talking about, here are some snaps of the book:

Finish This Book is one that invokes imagination and creativity through exploring!
I knew that you and I would love it!

One of the preliminary activities

Definition of a sleuth, trusty Google!

 I completed the above yesterday while chatting on the phone to you... Tee hee! Nothing like colouring in while having a good chat about life!

Today I was feeling a bit tired, and so I kept a low profile. I stayed indoors, drank my hot water, snacked on a few choc chip cookies and then started looking up Moleskine notebooks because I had just finished the one that I was using.

And as you would normally do when Googling up things, I came across this video where a guy draws in his pocket Moleskin daily; and WOW - he is amazing.

After that, when I came across the warm up exercise in Finish This Book (lets call it FTB from now on yea?) I had the drawing style of Maykel Nunes in my head and I just stared out in front of me. Eventually, my new bamboo plant came into focus, and inspiration grew:

My lucky bamboo 

I now can't imagine how this page looked when it was empty.

My aim was to follow the instructions and fill the empty page with something interesting while trying something new.  I also wanted to be daring and draw outside of the designated lines. OOOH... risk taker! Haha, it may seem petty, but psychologically, for ages I just could not do that. I had to keep within the lines.

Thank you Maykel Nunes for your inspiration! I never knew I could draw something like this, free hand with no pencil work beforehand! Though it's a rookie start, I quite like it

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