Friday, October 19, 2012

The Great Outdoors

Hi Anna!

I'm terrible at keeping you updated but I honestly haven't felt the desire to blog. That is a good thing though, because it means that I've caught up with you and lots of friends over walks/beach/picnics/lunch/dinner/drinks/dancing and been really enjoying myself since I've been back. Almost two months now. Two months of loving Perth and being in idyllic mode. Time to blog and upload a whole heap of photos to show the whole wide world what one can get up to when unemployed.

Well what have I been doing while everyone is at work? Looking at the photos on my phone, it seems that I've been outdoors a lot. I can't get enough of the Australian outdoors. I worship the sun everyday. Soaking up every bit of it. I can't see blue skies and be indoors. This is what London does to you! When will it wear thin? Perhaps come summer when it reaches 40C.

I've done regular walks in Kings Park. The Law trail and Kokoda trail are my favourites and I can't get enough of it. I've gained an unsightly neck tan that I can't wait to get rid of when it's warm again to bake in the beach again.

If only I could dive in
No wonder everyone wants to live in Perth.
I never take my phone exercising, but just this once to show how marvellous it is!
 Sometimes I walk around the Rossmoyne/ Shelley foreshore in the afternoon, but occasionally I mix it up by doing some rollerblading there too.

Off with the blades and into my flats. You'll notice I wear these everywhere.

The bench on the right at the end of the jetty where I sat thinking about all sorts of things like how nice it would be to claim one of these boats as my own.
It's bewildering that I've been in Perth for more than half of my life and there are places within hours of drive that I've never been to before. What on earth was I doing when I was in Perth? Partying on Saturday nights and wasting Sundays recovering? I guess being back has changed my perceptions. I'm doing lots of things that I normally wouldn't do. I'm more adventurous and have developed a fondness for the Australian bush and hiking. And the thing is, it's addictive, trying to find new places to go and explore.

Never heard of Bells Rapids before until a friend suggested a walk there.
The water was chilly but refreshing after our hike.
Plenty to see! Found out that the flower was in fact a weed :(
Leaving ghostly footprints on grass that has never been walked on before.

Araluen was a spontaneous visit after our brunch at Mrs S in Maylands. I thought of you when I walked past Sherbert!
So whimsical. I love mismatched decor.
I had poached eggs, bacon stacked on cornbread drizzled with maple syrup. Talk about a heavy brunch!
I liked how they gave you a letter instead of a number for your order. I also like the matchy lilac pastel colours.
HW being a darling with a yellow umbrella which matches her cardi.
No tulips but we found some gorgeous roses.
Lost in the woods. Beautiful spots to take photos if one was to have a wedding shoot or photos for fun :)
Looks like a fake background.

Petals on the ground.

Other news that isn't related to the great outdoors:

I had a habit of baking cakes and biscuits when I was in London, but since I've been back, I only baked sugary goodness just once and they were chocolate zucchini muffins. Remember how I offered them to you but I didn't have time to ice them? Well when I got home I quickly iced them and took them to a friend's place for dinner. I think they liked them. I love the idea of having green zucchini  bits nestled inside. Makes it 'healthier'. :)

I drew this bird that is endemic to Christmas Island. He kinda looks like an angry bird. I don't even know what the real Angry Birds are about.

On a girls night out. Ended earlier than we anticipated. Bed by 1pm on a Saturday night. The standard when you're no longer in your early 20s.

I picked up a few books on travel stories. I must have a very different sense of humour because half of the collection of travel stories in this book aren't that funny except for a man who ate potato bugs in Laos or the man who went to a nudist vacation.
 Reading in my pjs. The standard attire in my days of unemployment.
I'm definitely not complaining as some see having all this time as a luxury, however, I miss teaching because that is a huge part of who I am.  I'm not worried yet, but come December, if there has been not a word from all the applications I've submitted and no relief work, I think I'll have a bit of a panic.

Anyway, it's been a while since we've caught up and I'm looking forward to seeing you tomorrow! We can talk all things hair and all. I think you would look awesome with dark red dyed hair, a side swept fringe, and shoulder length hair. Maybe that's what I'd love for myself but my hair just doesn't work like that.

PS. This is the 300th post for our blog! Woo!

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